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CSR Intelligence was founded by Cyber Intelligence, Crypto Investigations, Asset Recovery and Offshore Legal Experts. With over 40 years of experience in these fields individually they came together to form a boutique Cyber and Crypto Intelligence Group focused on providing results. Using the latest Cyber tools, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), cutting edge technology and Cyber Tools, we provide Actionable Intelligence to our clients. Headquartered in Washington, DC, CNC Intelligence has it’s Cybint Operations Center in Rehovot, Israel and it’s Global Investigations Head Office in Orem, Utah.

Forgotten Password - Deleted Wallet -

Forgotten Passwords – If you forget a wallet or BIP38 passphrase, CSR INTELLIGENCE’s password recovery engineers can help. We have established techniques for recovering or breaking cryptocurrency wallet passwords, and in many cases, we can restore access within several days. 

Deleted Wallets – Accidental deletion is one of the most common data loss scenarios. In the vast majority of cases, we can successfully recover deleted wallets without any data loss, and we offer a no data, no charge guarantee. Important note: If you have accidentally deleted a wallet, turn off the affected device immediately to avoid permanent data loss.

Hardware Failure - Wallet Corruption -

Hardware Failure – To date, CSR INTELLIGENCE has recovered over $2.4 million in cryptocurrency from failed hard drives, RAID arrays, solid-state drives, and other devices. As the world leader in data recovery services, we offer the highest success rates available anywhere, and we use state-of-the-art technology at each of our locations. If your data is still on your device, we have the necessary tools to recover it.

Wallet Corruption – Data corruption occurs due to software or hardware error, and it can prevent cryptocurrency owners from accessing their coins — even with a correct password. We can often restore the affected files within hours. 

Upgrading Older Wallets - 

 Upgrading Older Wallets – Some cryptocurrency holders may feel uncomfortable upgrading older wallets (for instance, upgrading to Bitcoin Core 0.7+). We can provide safe, secure upgrades, providing you with an up-to-date wallet while maintaining your privacy.

Our wallet recovery services are not limited to Bitcoin.

Our wallet recovery services are not limited to Bitcoin. - We support hundreds of cryptocurrencies and tokens including Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, and others. Contact us today at 1-801-600-7000 to discuss your case or to set up a risk-free evaluation.


Why Choose CSR Intelligence’s Wallet Recovery Services?

If you have lost access to a cryptocurrency wallet due to hardware failure, data corruption, lost passwords, or for any other reason, you need to work with trusted experts to ensure that your files remain secure. 

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With ISO 5 cleanroom technology, proprietary hardware repair equipment, and real laboratories at every location, offers the safest option for cryptocurrency wallet recovery and repair. Get started today by filling out our online form or calling 1-801-600-7000.

Service Fees Standard We structure our pricing to prioritize our clients security. %20/wallet

Understanding our pricing We understand that entrusting us with your assets is a big deal. That’s why we take our job of recovering your lost assets very seriously. Our expertise and knowledge in the field of crypto asset recovery is what sets us apart, and it’s what allows us to crack wallet passwords so that you can retrieve your assets. We also know that the process of crypto asset recovery often involves sensitive personal and financial information, that’s why we handle every case with the highest level of security and confidentiality. So, when it comes to pricing, we like to keep things simple. We charge a fee of 20% of tokens recovered, which is a reflection of the value we bring to the table through our expertise and secure handling of each case. And here’s the best part: our service is risk-free! That means you only pay us if we successfully recover your assets. If we can’t crack the wallet, you don’t pay a dime. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is, and that’s why we are confident in our abilities to recover your assets.