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Thank you for your interest in becoming a FranTech International Licensing Agent"

FTM.I.L. Agents & Associates are entrepreneurial visionaries like you who recognize an opportunity and are not afraid to "seize the day".

Our Mission is to foster the development of the World Economy by providing a Global Perspective to marketers, manufacturers, and inventors of newly emerging technology. We offer World-class solutions for the licensing and transfer of USA Innovations to emerging economies in 220 countries. 

If you seek an opportunity to earn an excellent income and know how to close large transactions, you may be right for our business. 

 Our guiding principles are:

  • Give Service - It's human nature to derive satisfaction from helping others.
  • Solve Problems - It's good to market products and services that improve the quality of life.
  • Sell Value - It's ok to earn a profit; meaningful change requires investment.
  • Do More - It's common sense; change doesn't just happen-it requires WORK

Please click on the Strategic Alliances and Licensed Technologies section of our web page and choose which of the technology categories you feel best matches your professional background and work experience.  (They begin with infrastructure and range from Aviation Landscaping to Wireless Video Phones.)

Once you have selected a category of technology, research the related websites to discover  which specific technology you would like to represent to the global market. All of our licensed products are best in class and will allow you to earn a six-figure income.

We look forward to receiving your e-mail application. Please include your resume, which technology you would be interested in selling from your home based virtual office, and cover letter stating your qualifications.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning why you would be interested in a career with FTM.I.L.

We at FranTech México understand the above misconceptions and misreporting issues and have the solution. Our Point of Conversion Report gives a 100% accounting of your FX trades and provides you the security of KNOWING exactly what your money is doing and when.

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