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About "FranTech México"
About FranTech México
- Our Mission
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About FranTech México

FranTech México is Your International Partner for Technology Transfer, Financial Funding and Investment Banking Service. At FranTech México our mission is to foster the development of Global Economy by providing a Global Perspective to marketers, manufacturers, and inventors of newly-emerging technology. For this we have been providing world-class solutions for licensing and transfer of innovations to emerging economies in 220 countries.

For achieving our mission of making developing economies thriving, the structure and essence of FranTech México has been discreetly created by our Chairman Dr. Efraim Ezra Schmidt Slim who believes that "In a world of accelerating, inescapable economic and trade interdependence, business success will be won not by isolated individual enterprises or internationally disengaged companies, but by strategic alliances and marketing structures creatively assembled with a global perspective."

To accomplish our mission and move towards our goal this vision has been imbibed in every activity at FranTech México. Since its inception 35 years ago, FranTech has been the most trustworthy platform where global exchange of technology or trade is concerned. Consisting of core partners surrounded by interlocking networks of
consultants and affiliates in key trading countries and disciplines we play a significant role in the development of economies across 220 countries of the world.

At FranTech México three decades of our expertise in assembling, negotiating and consummating trade, technological and financial agreements is utilized to give comprehensive services to innovators and entrepreneurs. To provide such a broad array of exhaustive services we along with our affiliates draw strength from our shared experience in international trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking and technology research.

In a brief FranTech México can be defined as an organization that provides comprehensive professional services to assist companies and investors seeking to benefit from today's fundamental restructuring of the global economy. With FranTech platform, Global technologies are transferred to developing economies and newly emerging technologies from other parts of the world are developed as viable business prospect in their respective markets.

At FranTech México we also support large scale real estate and humanitarian
projects by extending our marketing expertise and providing resources and funding.


Our Mission

The Mission of FranTech México is to develop an integrated neutral infrastructure, constructed to host a new Civilization! FranTech México has three prime objectives that are based on cause and effect structure which are meant to bridge the gap between disconnected sectors of the society.

Facilitate Restoration and Enhancement of Local Communities To provide local communities with NEUTRAL Infrastructure for the RESTORATION and ENHANCEMENT of our deteriorating communities and ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being.

Create A Sustainable System For Development A CAUSE that will have as EFFECT local communities with smart neutral infrastructure that CAUSE the systemic generation of development funding. Knowledge transfer will be fueled by next generation world trade. That has the EFFECT of Tri-Sector campaigns to educate, mobilize, and coordinate community led development programs.

Bring Collaboration of Society Sectors to End Disparity Programs which CAUSE the empowerment of local people to be engaged in negotiating, influencing, controlling and holding accountable institutions. These engagements must be ones that affect their lives, ensure the taking of ownership on their own security, quality of life, and inevitably prosperity.


Our Vision


Too often individual projects come into an area in an attempt to create and/or revitalize the target community and fail because there is not a sufficiently integrated concept that from its inception has the people who receive the project be an integral part of the solution. Therefore, even though an area has become somewhat “industrialized”, it does not mean that it will significantly raise the standard of living and/or the buying power of the community.


Our Company Overview

Since we were established 1993, the role of information, and its potential to empower people, has always been our central focus. Our work includes statistical analysis, evaluative data and research but most importantly how these can be applied to strategy, policy and practice. It is this preference for using information, not simply gathering or creating knowledge, which sees us occupy a space between and work with Non-Governmental Organisations, academic institutions, government and the private sector – providing information and analysis that supports action on poverty.


Our Corprorate Team

DR. EFRAIM EZRA SCHMIDT SLIM. – Co Founder - Legal Advisor - Council
- (contact: eschmidt@FranTechMexico.com)

DR. EFRAIM SCHMIDT has been practicing International in Hong Kong, Spain, México, etc., for aperiod of 12 years; he was granted the prestigious honor of Asia Pacific (APEC) 30 years ago. Schmidt is also Head of Board of advisors for the Lee Chen Family in Hong Kong, and Beijin, which is comprised of 3 Queen’s Counsel, 5 Senior Counsel and 25 Junior Barristers. His areas of practice include international law, commercial law, appellate, common law, Commissions of Inquiry, criminal and police law. As a top Advisor, his cases have helped establish the law in China-México. He has been the counsel assisting a number of Royal Commissions and Special Commissions of Inquiry and has been lead counsel for the Neutral Zone Federation Independent Commission against Corruption in several of its major investigations. Schmidt has served 12 terms as a member of the Neutral Zone Federation Council, the governing body of Global FranTech Group, and has been chairman of several of the council’s Ethics Committees. He was majority owner of a leading Securities Asset Management group for 16 years.

Efraim Schmidt was hired by Esquiroz Abogados in April 2002, and assumed the responsibilities of Compliance Director of Finance and Administration July 1, 2002. Mr. Schmidt had previously served as the Finance Director for Diamond Royale International and Cimtech Engineering for seven years. His international financial experience also includes five years as Deputy Finance Director for Delta Financial Group / Anderson Young Group International, West Coast. While in Anderson Young Group, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Anderson Young Group Business Improvement Management Association and elected Treasurer by the Board. In this capacity, he worked with local and international officials to obtain international approval and provide grant assistance for a new branch campus of a local community college in Anderson Young Group. He also co–chaired the Streetscape committee, which coordinated beautification efforts for humanitarian project funding in Latin America. He was appointed by the Law Offices of Shapiro and McKenzie to serve on the Greater Anderson Young Group Local Development Corporation, a non-profit corporation created to develop and promote international industry.

Mr. Schmidt received his Bachelors and Masters In Economics degree from Universidad Autonoma De Hidalgo, México. He then completed forty credits in the M.B.A. program at University of Pheonix, while working full-time in the international finance and investments industry. Mr. Schmidt has over twenty eight years of combined financial experience in the public and private sectors. He has political ties with Latin American, Spain, United Kingdom, Catholic Private Group called “Grupo Bonaria”.

He servide as a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints from 1988 to 1990 In Argentina Bhaia Blanca Mission, served as assistant to 3 missions presidents President(s) Agricol Lozano, Gail Bluth, Antonio Cappi.

Efraim also lived for seven years in Brazil, Argentina, México, Hong Kong, Portugal, Spain, London England, Canada, Panama, etc., . He is fluent in Spanish and somewhat Portuguese.

Efraim and Lucy married in 1992 and are the proud parents to 3 beautiful children. They currently live in México,


- (contact: lhuerta@FranTechMexico.com)

LUCRECIA ESTELA HUERTA NAVARRO is Director of FRANTECH NEUTRAL ZONE FEDERATION MÉXICO and FOUNDATION FOR SOVEREIGN NATIONS S.A de C.V. Humanity.  She has over 18 years experience as a Financial Planner and specializes in all classes of investment and financial services advice for high net worth individuals and large companies. Her Family is very involved with LA BOLSA DE VALORES MEXICSOFIA (Mexican Stock Exchange). She will develop humanitarian projects in the area of Baja California, México City, Morelia, Hidalgo, Monte Rey, Hermosillo, and some other México Cities, and other Latin American countries where she has close ties.

Bustos brings long term corporate business, Brazilian LTNs, and other commodity owners to GRUPO FINANCIERO SWISS ASSET TRADING MÉXICO’s platform structure of Investors (Buyers & Traders) to benefit all parties.

Bustos works with the compliance officer and team on the due diligence and prepares the presentation to move the transaction to the platform.

Bustos leads the engagement and impact team of FranTech México (FTM), responsible for managing internal and external communications, stakeholder engagement and all digital communications for the organization across its programmatic work. She supports the program teams to ensure they are working towards the organizations objectives and are able to monitor and evaluate their impact successfully.

Prior to joining FTM, Bustos led a communications and campaigns team at Help Humanitarian Foundation. She has extensive experience in the area of human rights, having worked as Political Advisor for the Prosecutor of the international child adoption agency in Salt Lake City, Utah for the A Childs Hope Foundation funding human rights bodies across the globe. She also has experience of the private sector working with KYBU News, and Radio Futura, in California, as well as having worked for politicians in Utah and the Mexican Parliament.

Bustos has a MA from LSE in international relations and a history degree from Universidad Autonoma de Hidalgo


BENJAMIN RODRUIGUEZ BECERRA Vice President of Operations
- (contact: brodriguez@FranTechMexico.com)

Benjamin is the Vice President of Operations and International Compliance for FRANTECH NEUTRAL ZONE FEDERATION MÉXICO´s family of companies. He is also Managing Director of Global Commodity Source and Fundacion Ayuda Alternativa representing Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolvia. His strong business background includes a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Economics from Alicante Spain University, as well as earning a Six Sigma (Corporate Quality and Cost Reduction Initiative), his Royale Family Blood Line has allowed him to support international well known projects and aid Latin America as well as Spain. He brings extensive expertise in Operations, International Compliance, Project Management, Marketing, Customer Service and Communications from 30 years of experience with the following corporations out of Brazil, bringing Corporate Contracts in the Aviation Industry, and also the world headquarters of Procter & Gamble, and the Spain Stocks and Bonds corporate office. Francisco worked directly for three mandates for gold sellers and has been BENJAMÍN RODRIGUEZ’s Spain, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Ecuador American liaison since 2008.

Benjamin is based at the Quito, Ecuador office. He provides capacity support assessments of partner education, reproductive health and other related CSOs in order to develop and deliver tailored capacity support plans in the region. He coordinates and facilitates capacity development processes for identified actors and supports engagement of governments, civil society and other stakeholders in calling for better use of information on resources for poverty elimination.

Benjamin joined us from the International Royal Taxpayers Association (IRNTA) in Spain, where he implemented national programs that empowered citizens to demand accountability. Before that he was the IRNTA’s Communications Officer and has previously worked for Triad Architects and Nation Media Group, the leading media house in Eastern Central America and Europe.




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