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FranTech México infrastructure consists of its strong network of consultants and agents, its affiliations and representations. FranTech México Partners, Investments, and Access to the world marketplace are its greatest assets.

FranTech México has entry and representation at senior and working levels of selected governments.
United States, Japan, People's Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, other ASEAN states India, Arab States, European Economic Community, CIS and East Europe, Canada, México, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, other Latin American states Nigeria and other African states.

FranTech México has entry and representation with the international business community in:

* Selected countries 

* posturing for international strategic alliances

* Business and commercial groups

* Technological Alliances

* Financial groups

* Manufacturing Alliances

* Industry leaders

Companies considering strategies like Reposition, Diversification, Acquiring or Selling technology, Market Expansion and Revitalizing operations cannot afford to ignore any potential ally or opportunity. Partnership with FranTech México International Licensing not only provides clients with global access to strategic prospects, but with the key services that bring alliances to fruition quickly.

FranTech México affiliates can also act as specialists or as a turnkey service when opening new markets in Europe, México, America, or elsewhere.

We have the network in place for

  • Foreign market research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Identification of special market characteristics
  • Distribution and Market access
  • Industry and governmental standards and specifications
  • Intellectual property issues, media contacts,
  • Establishing a service support structure

Our International capabilities feature strong ties and thorough knowledge of both the high technology and business sectors of the México, Latin America, North America, and Western Europe. And we have immediate access to a second network of senior and working-level government officials in key countries.

The FranTech México team is composed of Global-Technology professionals such as FranTech, IBM, Oracle, SAP, BMC and BEA. Along with local private-sector companies, and people from within the specific government agencies, these rotating In and out as the E-Government team moves through agencies multi-layers integration's into high level Internet data centers with FranTech strategies worldwide.

FranTech México Clientele:
With such extensive services and infrastructure Global FranTech Group holds an esteemed clientele.
The Clientele of Global FranTech Group includes:

  • International Governments and Government Agencies to determine Specifications, Strategic Planning, and Build-Out for Information Technology and Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • México and National Enterprises which realize the need for New Strategic Approaches and Leveraged Resources to merge with the Global Economy and enter into 220 Global Markets
  • "Brick and Mortar" Industrial Companies that are seeking to diversify into High Technology and/or Leading-Edge Manufacturing Techniques, often with Equity Investments
  • Technology Development / Technology Services Groups searching for ways to Accelerate Development or Expand their Operations Domestically and/or Internationally
  • Companies seeking to Supplement their Comparative Advantages through Strategic Alliances, Cross-Licensing, Co-Branding Strategies, Consortia, Equity or Technology Exchanges and Joint Ventures
  • Expanding groups desiring to develop Overseas Operations or Penetrate New Market areas in the Global Marketplace
  • México and National Companies that are seeking assistance in Acclimating to the Modern Technological Advances for the Global Economy



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