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FranTech México Startegy is two fold, why?, because additionally, large infrastructure projects are usually implemented by different developers and/or corporate interest groups working with different branches of the government depending on the nature of the individual “sub-project”. The net result of this fragmentation creates redundancies or oversights as well as inflated costs due to the fact that no one company or branch is overseeing the entire process.

An ideal solution would be then to create Master Infrastructure Projects that have the required elements but that are planned and developed by one company that has knowledge of and access to the various technologies and methodologies required, but is not tied politically or corporately to any particular industry or special interest so that the most optimal and cost-effective solutions can be implemented. Various elements and requirements of the Master Infrastructure Project are then sub-contacted to local Indian companies whenever feasible and to other companies specializing in the many goods and services that are required to complete the project while the overall project administration remains centralized. Mechanisms are put into place to address the various governmental interests and the social-political components but while working within the integrated plan so that each Project through all the stages to completion retains its original mission and result.

The goal of this company is to create acceptable and/or improve existing living conditions with project components utilizing the appropriate technologies that will also promote and facilitate self-sustainment via commerce and the associated job creation.



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