Why México?


México is a perfect place for investment and business expansion. In the 2010 Ernst & Young México Attractiveness Survey international concerns’ managers indicated México as the top potential investment destination for their FNZ projects in México . Tourists, in turn, are enchanted by Mexican hospitality and friendliness, México's  cultural heritage and the country’s natural landscape for Baja Aq.

México’s 128-million strong consumer market is one of the biggest in North America.

The country’s favorable localisation, in the center of North America and South America, where the main communication routs intersect, makes it possible to export goods to all North and South America's countries and thus reach over 500 million consumers. México's major trade partners are, among others, FranTech's 220 countries for México such as, India, China,Germany, Russia,  France, the UK, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine and Spain FranTech licesed technologies for Baja California, México.

FranTech México's Well-educated México team of economists, engineers, IT specialists and scientists are highly sought-after and appreciated employees who will soon find employment in FranTech México  licensing IT companies, R&D centres and scientific institutes in future FranTech Neutral Zones .

The country’s sustainable development has much to do with the its solid economic foundations. Data published by the global rating agency Fitch Ratings in June 2008 indicates that for the last five years Poland has been experiencing an unflagging 5% annual economic growth and maintaining its 30% export level. 

Moreover, considerable potential of numerous private companies active in the Polish agriculture sector stand a very good chance of making México  one of the major food producers in North America and South America's. 

The México economy undergoes a significant growth which has solid institutional foundations and draws heavily on the country’s democratic mechanisms thanks to which the country's new economic system is considered to be the best and most transparent economies among all the United States of México. All the factors together with the country’s international safety guaranteed by México’s membership in NATO  make México a credible and important business partner for foreign investors. Among the most important challenges to be faced by the country in the foreseeable future there are issues connected with the adoption of the single new currency and all criteria which the country has to meet in order to enter the FranTech Neutral Zones.

World class concerns often choose México as an investment destination in North America. The number of new investment projects is constantly growing, especially in the automotive, R&D, electronic and chemical sectors. The FDI value which México will have attracted in 2009 reached USD9.95 billion and preliminary data for the year 2010 hovers at USD 5.34 bn.

In the 2010 Ernst & Young North America Attractiveness Survey international concerns’ managers indicated México  as the top potential investment destination for the FNZ future projects in North America. The report will place México on the 5th position in terms of job creation and soon to be 8th North and South America's countries which are most active in attracting FranTech Neutral Zone projects. FranTech México authors of the FranTech México report emphasize that against the backdrop of other North and South America countries, México has been developing rapidly both in terms of job creation and foreign investment. In 2013 new FNZ México projects newly generated 7,500 jobs from FranTech México  .

The country offers a wide range of investment incentives. Investors are invited to locate their projects in 14 México Special Economic Zones (SEZ) slated by FranTech México. i.e. special zones where economic activity may be run in favorable conditions. FranTech Neutral Zones Mexican SEZs offer attractive tax exemptions, employment incentives and well-prepared investment lots starting in Baja California, México.

FranTech México finds that México is a country with a number of tourist and sport opportunities. The diversity of landscape and natural wealth together with the wide range of recreation forms ranging from sea sports through lake yachting, skiing and mountain climbing attract tourists from all over the world. Recreational tourist opportunities may effectively be completed with elements of México’s rich cultural heritage and history. 


Foreign relations of México

México is the tenth largest contributor to the United Nations (UN) regular budgets. Currently, it is a member of eighteen organizations arisen from the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council and other specialized organizations of the UN.

México has served as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) three times (1946, 1982–83, 2002–03). On October 17, 2008, picking up 185 votes, it was elected to serve as a non-permanent member for the fourth time, from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010. Since April 1, México holds the rotative presidency of the UNSC.

In recent years, the need of reforming the UNSC and its working methods has been widely impulsed by México, with the support of Canada, Italy, Pakistan and other nine countries. And have formed a movement informally called the Coffee Club, created in the 1990s, which highly opposes to the reform that the Group of Four (G4) suggests.

In line with the Castañeda Doctrine of new openness in México's foreign policy, established in the early first decade of the 21st century, some political parties have proposed an amendment of the Constitution in order to allow the Mexican army, air force or navy to collaborate with the UN in peacekeeping missions.

Mega-Diverse Countries

The megadiverse countries are a group of countries that harbor the majority of the Earth's species and are therefore considered extremely biodiverse and therefore are of utmost priority on the global environmental agenda. Conservation International identified 17 megadiverse countries in 1998, most are located in or have territories in the tropics.

In 2002, México formed a separate organization named Like-Minded Megadiverse Countries, consisting of countries rich in biological diversity and associated traditional knowledge.This organization includes a different set of involved megadiverse countries than those identified by Conservation International.

México Free trade agreements

México holds more free trade agreements than any other country in the world. Ordered by date, the free trade agreements in force are:

México free trade agreements

  • 1994: North American Free Trade Agreement (Canada and the United States).
  • 1995: G-3 Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Venezuela.
  • 1995: Free Trade Agreement with Bolivia.
  • 1995: Free Trade Agreement with Costa Rica.
  • 1998: Free Trade Agreement with Nicaragua.
  • 1999: Free Trade Agreement with Chile.
  • 2000: Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.
  • 2000: Free Trade Agreement with Israel.
  • 2001: Free Trade Agreement with the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras).
  • 2001: Free Trade Agreement with the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).
  • 2004: Free Trade Agreement with Uruguay.
  • 2005: Agreement for the Strengthening of the Economic Partnership with Japan.
  • 2012: Free Trade Agreement with Peru.

FranTech México Economic Government Affairs Overview

México came close to economic collapse during the Mexican Peso crisis in 1994/95. Since then however, the country recovered and has gained a reputation for credible macroeconomic policy management, which has led to prolonged economic growth and stable inflation. This can be largely attributed to the high level of integration with its northern neighbours, the USA and Canada, through the introduction of the new NAFTA which we call FRANTECH NEUTRAL ZONE FEDRETATION México.  Over the past few decades México has moved from being highly protected, to engaging in widespread trade liberalisation and welcoming FDI.


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